Talk, Tweak, and Tip of the Day

Next month, I will be bending like an old willow and allowing my students to complete extra credit assignments in both my on campus and my online class. It’s not that I don’t believe students deserve the opportunity to earn more credit, but I find that much of the time, the person who is asking has not completed all the regular credit and is using the extra credit as a way to replace other required work. It’s also more work for me–let’s face it.

But, this idea has been swimming through my brain lately–how do I offer extra credit while making it not so much work for me, making it a relevant part of class and not an after thought, and give the students another chance to present in front of a group? Thus, “Talk, Tweak, or Tip of the Day” was born.

Then I realized…”Oh man..this is a really good idea for my blog…”

So, here we go. Here are today’s Talk, Tweak, AND Tip of the Day!

Talk of the Day: Emiliano Salinas de Gortari, “A civil response to violence”

Salinas is the son of former Mexican president Carlos Salinas de Gortari, whose presidency was marked by controversy, graft, and corruption, what has become the status quo and common place for many Mexicans. Salinas speaks honestly and passionately about the current violent, deteriorating state of Mexico and his solution to the problem–more Gandhis, more people committed to non-violent resistance. Check out this first Spanish TED talk for a glimpse at what it truly takes to speak eloquently under pressure.

Tweak(s) of the Day: buddcadell’s “What is Strategy?” and Lucy Spence’s “Designing for Bears”

What is Strategy?

I ran across Flickr user buddcadell’s images while looking for a good “strategy” picture. It was late last night, so I wasn’t feeling particularly conceptual, so I figured I’d search for the concept in compfight and work from those results to find a stronger visual metaphor. That’s when I saw this:

Click on the image to check out the entire deck, a series of Q & A responses to "What is Strategy?"

I can definitely see myself referencing this during our visual design talk in class. buddcadell is looking for more suggestions/ideas to draw. Time to start thinking conceptually again!

Designing for Bears

Lucy is a former user experience designer turned product manager. Her take on designing for a particular audience, and breaking down our own design fallacies features hand drawn images, awesome contrast, and a seamless narrative flow. LOVE!

Tip of the Day: The Top Ten Best (and Worst) Communicators of 2011

While this is more of a end of year review than a tip, Kelly and Ben Decker of Decker Communications do impart some excellent lessons regarding presenting and public speaking by analyzing this years best and worst communicators.

Lesson from the Best: Be Human

A surprising best communicator to some (though not to me because I am consistently amazed by her) is #6, Lady Gaga. The Deckers commend her for her humanity and humility, something that seems to be missing from so many in the pop limelight.

Image by nellyfus

Lesson from the Worst: Too Many Communication Fails will Haunt You

On the worst list, not surprisingly, is Charlie Sheen, who had two very boisterous communications fails this year. At least tiger’s blood and winning were sort of in for a minute there…

Even the Banksy girl laments the loss of old school semi-normal Charlie

Who made your best and worst list this year?

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