About Me

I am an educator and presentation designer. I am an avid cook, burgeoning gardener, and aficionado of all things design-based. I am passionate about using design to reinvigorate 21st century teaching practices.

I have also developed a healthy new love of talking to others about all sorts of things. My favorite experience so far has been my presentation at PechaKucha Orlando Vol. 2. If you don’t know Pecha Kucha, check out my favorite presentation on PK from Empowered Presentations.

I chose to present a PK on the topic of poetry, specifically my obsession, or logolepsy as I coin it, with breaking down and solving the puzzle that is an exquisitely crafted poem. Here is my take on Sylvia Plath’s “Metaphors” and your glimpse into what makes me a logoleptic.

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Roar Sweetly says:

    Hi Chiara,

    I have been meaning to leave a comment on your blog for the past few weeks! I think your blog is a wonderful resource for presenters and educators. I have just returned from 18 months maternity leave to my job as a Community Legal Educator and have been having a great time looking through your archives. There is a lot of useful information and resources to assist me in my role. Much appreciated.


    • Hi Charmaine!

      I am so glad you’ve gained value from the blog. Please let me know if there is some aspect of presenting/educating you’d like me to cover. I am always looking for new ideas. Thank you!


  2. I completely enjoyed the featured slide today. Wow. Recently I was asked to created a slide presentation on the fly for a ministry that needed to present to leaders their vision to help young women overcome abuse. From the small amount of time that I’ve spent watching your work, I have gleaned enough to “wow” their audience and receive supporters for their cause. I truly appreciate your brilliance!

    • Thank you, Jennifer! I was blown away by this deck of slides and it really got me thinking about moving into another phase of my professional career (not leaving teaching, just expanding who I serve). Also, yay! Keep practicing and “tweaking”–you’ll surely continue wowing your audience!

      P.S. Lockhard forever! Can you believe how long it’s been since those days?

  3. Jitesh A. Panchal says:

    I believe Pecha Kucha is just awesome! I had given 2-3 in past 3 years. The only downer with this presentation technique is that it’s purely “Active”… mostly 🙂 but then again, it is a huge positive for most!

    • Jitesh, I definitely agree! It’s a presentation best delivered in person because audience interaction is what drives the energy and flow of the message. But, I think the format could be a great way for teachers to communicate information in a way that is brief and immediately understandable. Teachers tend to be longwinded, so the format forces us to focus on what we need to say!

  4. ipersuade says:

    Hey, you have an interesting blog. As I’m a corporate trainer, this blog helps me a lot improving my presentation skills. thanks for sharing.

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