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It’s been too long–I truly missed you

It’s been a crazy few weeks, and readers can expect to see a barage of posts in the next few days as I finally get this new online class revamp process done with the help of superteacher Alex Rister:

1. Shortbread 8-ways: A review 

I’ll let you know which cookie I hoarded for myself, which I still haven’t eaten more than one of, which one was amazing, yet inexorably frustrating (like my non-racist, socialist ex-boyfriend), and which one I’ll be making again in the near future.

2. Professionalism Lessons from The Professional

After the most recent incident regarding communication and professionalism fails, I’ve decided to let Leon, the professional hitman from Luc Besson’s 1994 masterpiece take over on what it means to be a true professional.

3. Audience Needs Persona: the Faculty Persona

I’ve decided to start with faculty in developing my target audience/market personas; this is the group which it would seem I have the most in common, but whom I can’t seem to really convince to take the time to apply those visual design principles consistently.

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One Cookie, Eight Variations

The holidays are a time when I relish baking and cooking amazing things for others more than I do the rest of the year. My love language always involves sugar, butter, and bacon, but at no time is this more evident than during the Christmas season. I generally revel in baking 17 different kinds of cookies for my friends, though that often leaves me feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and downright hateful. This year, in an attempt to stave off said hysteria, I am going simpler–at least in terms of my basic recipe. I will be using one recipe for shortbread cookies, creating 8 base batches of said recipe, and then tweaking each batch with sweet and savory additions. On the schedule are Russian tea cakes, chocolate dipped shortbread, rosemary shortbread, millionaire’s shortbread, cranberry and white chocolate shortbread, and thumbprint shortbread (shortbread buttons and lemon glazed shortbread are on the back burner..depends on how adventurous I feel).

Variation #1

I Pinterested these shortbread buttons from Nichole Ramirez--an awesome idea for a shower or just for fun!

 Variation #2

I'll represent the traditional Christmas-cranberry cookie with these shortbread bars from Robin Hood Flour.


Variation #3

I kept seeing pins for this variation featuring chocolate, caramel, and shortbread aka Millionaire's Shortbread, a Scottish treat. Thanks to Kayle Langford via Pinterest.


Variations #4-7

This is the recipe that started it all--one basic recipe, four different amazing variations. I made these last year, and I am back to try a few more varieties.


Variation #8

I am super curious about this savory treat--butter, rosemary...how could I go wrong? Found via Pinterest!

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Tweak of the day: Andrew Dlugan and SMN

Andrew Dlugan is the author of Six Minutes, one of my absolute must-read blogs on public speaking. One of my favorite posts by Dlugan is titled “Average Speakers Suck. Don’t be Average.” I dig this post because it employs one of Dlugan’s most powerful rhetorical tools, metaphor. Dlugan points out that unlike an average chocolate chip cookie, average height, and an average golfer, an average presentation sucks. In Dlugan’s bell curve of presentation skills, “The line between being an effective communicator and an ineffective communicator is not down the middle of the chart. It’s over to the right.” This average zone according to Dlugan, “is the Death by PowerPoint abyss. This is the 15 filler words per minute zone. This is the “What the heck is this speaker talking about?” zone.  In homage to Dlugan, I am sharing with you today’s image of the day, which comes from Flickr user, SMN. I’ve paired it with one of my favorite quotes from this excellent article.

Image: SMN via Flickr

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